Olexey Zudin

Founder & CEO

Olexey graduated with Merit from Shevchenko University, Ukraine with a Masters in Finance. He then spent 5 years working in a semi-public institution as an admission counsellor in the City Kiev, Ukraine. Later, Olexey began counselling across the city as a free-lancer. He then founded Trust Consulting Group, LLC – Education Consultancy, which is named after two close family members.

He is dedicated to the company’s clients and providing the best educational support to help students meet their academic aspirations. Olexey is a proud advocate of the Ukrainian/European education system, and is committed to making it accessible to students across the world.

Net-working with the best academicians in the world, Olexey takes great pride in ensuring all clients receive the professional service they deserve. He supports students with a dedicated back-office team to ensure the smooth and hassle-free admission process and provide optimum solution to all academic matters till the completion of course.

Ritu Choudhary

Director of Operations

Ritu studied Political Sciences at Delhi University (DU), having obtained Bachelor in Education (B.Ed) from Choudhary Charan Singh University (CCS), Meerut. She is on a full-time job as a home maker, she taught for 10 years her & neighbor’s children. Her prime focus is a deep care for the needs of the individual child, and she has always spent considerable time understanding young people and their parents, helping them to navigate school life from admission to examinations, and to make the decisions that really make a positive difference for their futures.

She also helped students by encouraging to go for sports and to do some co-curricular activities, as it counts everywhere.

Tetyana V. M.

Public Relations Director

Tetyana is – Registered translator/interpreter with Embassy of Ukraine in India and freelancer of Business Development for Ukraine. Actively member of a group “Diasper”, multi-lingual and philologist by education.

Worked with various organization in India since 2001, Tanya has travelled extensively throughout Europe, CIS-countries and Middle East, that provides her an opportunity to see/check/understand/observe closely the real differences in culture, social behavior, civic senses, value of education and many other aspects of life amongst the countries. Which she shares regularly especially with students/parents/teachers going abroad for higher education or to build their career overseas.

Neeraj Malik

Asia Pacific Regional Director

Neeraj Malik, M.E. Mechanical from the National Technical University of Ukraine (KPI) and MBA in marketing from IGNOU, is a professional with deep understanding of business and management development not only through formal education but also through work experience of 20 years in various organizations. Starting from Delhi and studying in the Ukraine has given Neeraj the first-hand knowledge and experience of an international student studying and living overseas.

Having travelled far and wide in the CIS countries and Eastern Europe; Neeraj understands the international scenario and thus has the exposure to manage a venture of such nature. Neeraj Malik brings his competence developed through the knowledge and experience of studying, working and travelling extensively.   

With this kind of package of varied experience and knowledge of diverse cultures. He started exploiting his skills towards shaping the future of youth of India and other countries.

Pragati Choudhary

Group Head – Human Resources

Pragati graduated from the Meerut Universitywith a distinction in BSc Biology, before completing a master’s degree major in human resources and minor in marketing from Sikkim Manipal University (SMU). She is a competent HR professional,asophisticated personality with a rich experience of 15 years to work as a strategy & policy maker for various organizations.

At the time of her graduate studies, she focused mostly on behavioral and development economics. During her professional career, Pragati has developed her own methodology to maintain healthy relation between employees and management. She is great in both employee benefits & organizational development by providing them all an amicable & transparent environment at work place.

Pragati loves cooking, traveling and outdoors activities.