Anxious About Study Abroad?

Anxious about settling in a new country? Don’t be, we’re here to help

You are finally off to a great new adventure, congratulations! We know it seems a little daunting but trust us, the best is yet to come. And we are here to support you all the way.

Insights into the local culture

It helps to have some knowledge of the local culture and customs before arriving in your study country. This eases your transition into the community and helps you interact with your new classmates more effectively. Half of the fun of going abroad is learning about the things people from other cultures do differently.

Working while you study and advice on internships

Part-time jobs can help complement your study and living experience. We’ll discuss how to stay within the rules of your student visa and help you with some tips on finding a good student job.

Dealing with homesickness

We know it’s hard to stay away from family and friends, but we’ll help you with some tips on how to deal with the feeling of homesickness when you arrive in your study country.

A network of advice

You will also have the opportunity to ask questions from TCG alumni and network with current and future students just like you.

Benefits of studying abroad

Studying abroad is more than just education, it’s a holistic experience

Earning an international degree is not only about expanding your career and personal horizons but also about having an experience of a lifetime. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider studying internationally:

  1. Diverse course options to choose from

Studying internationally offers a wider variety of courses, some also including research options and skill-based training for students. This helps expand your horizons and opens up a world of new educational opportunities. Not only this, certain programs abroad also allow you to take different courses at the same time. So, you can pursue your interest in literature whilst studying mathematics as your major. Trust Consulting Group (TCG) partners are top universities and schools across the world; whatever you are looking for – from a course that is highly ranked for research to a unique study environment – we can help find the best fit for you.

  1. Makes you more employable

Graduates who’ve chosen to study internationally are highly sought after by employers. Pursuing a degree overseas signals employer that you have courage, flexibility, cultural awareness and an understanding of how other people work and think. This experience puts you ahead of the pack when it comes to internships and job applications.

  1. From learning a language to living a language

Studies have shown that immersion is the best way to become fluent in another language and understand a new culture. Since you’ll be interacting with English/other language speakers every day, it would be easier to grasp the language in relevant cultural context.

Living, studying and working in English/any other foreign language might seem to be challenging at first, but you’ll be surprised at how quickly it becomes your second nature. Communicating confidently will help you to excel in your studies and make new friends from other parts of the world who may even become professional connections down the road.

  1. Brings you international exposure

Studying abroad helps you learn new approaches to handle different situations, manage time between your studies and part-time jobs, experience international methods of instructing and deal with a cosmopolitan crowd. This in turn also helps to increase your acumen on the subject and life, in general.

  1. You gain a global perspective

Students who study abroad develop a well-informed mindset and wider perspective towards other cultures and people. Whether you’re studying medical, science, politics or finance, being able to think from a multinational perspective will help you face modern challenges and come up with innovative solutions in future. You will graduate with a richer set of experiences that will allow you to think more openly and creatively. As you learn to view the world through different lenses, you’ll also learn new things about your own country and culture.

  1. An experience of a lifetime

Your study abroad experience doesn’t end at the campus gates. During weekends and holidays, you’ll have the chance to travel to tourist hotspots or get off the beaten track in your chosen country. That means you will be able to experience geographies different that from India/Native country and come back with interesting stories for your friends and family. You never know you might end up finding an activity that you enjoy doing and make a career in it.


Benefits of pursuing an undergraduate degree abroad

As a student just out of school, it gives you an edge because:

You are exposed to an international way of learning and working at an early stage

Your understanding of various cultures is nourished

Widens your scope of career options

Benefits of pursuing a post graduate degree abroad

This reinstates that you are committed to:

Enhance your technical skills

Give your CV an edge over counterparts

Develop your social and professional network.

Check Intakes

Major intakes of top destinations
Australia Semester 1 Starts late February/early March to late May/early June
Semester 2 Starts late July/early August through to November
New Zealand Semester 1 From February to June
Semester 2 From July to November
The UK Term 1 From September to December
Term 2 From January to April
Term 3 From April to June
Canada Fall Primary intake starts in August/September
Spring Smaller intake in January/February
Summer Limited programs intake in May/June
The US Fall Term From August to December
Spring Term From January to April
Summer Term From May to August
Ireland Fall From September to October
Spring From January to February (few universities)


Europe             Fall From September to October
Spring From January to February (few universities)


Ukraine Fall From September to October
Spring From January to February (few universities)


Russia Fall From September to October